Tech Leaving You Behind?

Stay Connected to the People and Things You Love.

A Service that helps you Confidently Engage with Technology.

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Do you have these struggles with technology?

  • Slow or Virus Infected Computer
  • Identity Theft Concerns
  • Poor WiFi Connection
  • Installing your Smart TV
  • Siri, Alexa, or Google Understanding You
  • Connecting to Loved Ones Using Tech
  • Setting Up Smart Home (Lights, Cameras, Speakers...)

You shouldn't feel intimidated by complicated tech.

My computer was freezing up and also the kids needed new cell phones. It was very frustrating. I was scared I was going to lose everything on my computer. My Tech Shepherd was very easy to understand and extremely helpful. He told me I wouldn’t lose anything and he was able to save everything on my computer. Everyone is happy and I know I now have somebody I can call whenever I have questions or a problem.
— Tish P. | Longneck
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